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Phantasy Star Online 2

This Article was added to our catalog on 08/23/2011.

Japan-based SEGA has held a press conference to unveil the basic content of its new online game Phantasy Star Online 2,Recently, which is going to kick off the first CBT in August. As introduced by the game's development director Sakai Satoshi, Phantasy Star Online 2 will carry out a CBT on a small scale in the middle of this August or so, and is scheduled to start its commercial service this year.

There three races have been confirmed to emerge in Phantasy Star Online 2, namely, Human, Newman and Cast. Each player will act as a member of the planetary investigation team "Arks" in the star fleet "Oracle", and bear responsibility for investigating various issues on alien stars. After entering the game, players will first land in a forest on the planet "Navelius", and will be first asked to wipe out outrageous protists there.

Phantasy Star Online 2