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Fly for Fun; News For Flyff

This Article was added to our catalog on 09/03/2011.

Flyff Players control an avatar which spends most of its active time fighting and most of its inactive time running a shop. Characters choose character classes at level 15, and sub-classes at level 60 and 130. The game refers to these as the first, second, and third job changes. The job changes are obligatory - when a character reaches the requisite level, experience gain stops until it completes one of the job quests. At level 120, the character may become a Master, returning to level 60 with enhanced powers, to work its way back up to level 121 and become a Hero. In v15, Heroes can level up to the level cap of 129. As of version 17, Heroes may select a third job class at level 130. They may also now level-up to the current cap of level 150.

Game Levels are gained based on experience, which is acquired primarily by killing and secondarily by performing quests. Quests mostly involve killing specific Masquerpets and collecting quest objects they drop. Each type drops a different type of quest object. A typical early quest is the one called "Party of Is," which requires one to kill Pukepukes, collecting 7 Chupims.

When at each level, the character receives skill points, which may be invested in skills available to its job(s). There are two types of skills, those used for attacking and those used for protection and/or enhancement. Some skills have a cool-down time. Some skills can cause status effects, confusion, stun, and bleed being the most common. Skills must be chosen carefully, as it's not possible to acquire maximum levels in all skills available until level 60 Master.

The other source of character improvement is acquiring objects - particularly improved equipment. Masquerpets drop money (called penya in game), equipment, and consumable items (food, potions) as well as quest objects. These can all be traded, and gameplay involves a lot of buying and selling to collect desired equipment. Most equipment has a minimum level at which it can be used, so characters below Master level are likely to replace their equipment regularly.