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Atlantica: News For Atlantica Online

This Article was added to our catalog on 09/08/2011.

The game features a persistent world populated by player-generated characters and NPCs. The player can choose from nine different classes and customize their appearance. Players do not fight with the main character alone; each player can recruit additional fighters, up to the maximum of eight mercenaries (and one main) on the field at any given time. Players can store additional mercenaries in mercenary rooms.

In addition to their battle skills, all players may pursue a number of different crafting abilities.

The game design puts strong emphasis on the concept of guilds. Guilds can control the various towns on the game map. Strong guilds can found nations and wage war on one another.

Battle in Atlantica Online is rather unusual for the genre as it is turn-based. Representations of hostile parties wander around the landscape; if a player clicks on such a representation, his/her party and the enemy party are transferred to a separate battlefield similar in fashion to battles in console role playing games and remain there until the battle is resolved. The battle system also features a time limit for a player to make their move, assuring that there will not be any type of player griefing during player vs player combat.

Currently there are no known IP blocking restrictions on the U.S. version of Atlantica Online, as it acts as the international server outside of its prospective distribution partners. This unrestricted access has resulted in international users from other geographical locations outside the United States to be able to play on the U.S. based servers.