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Rift: Dragons defeated

This Article was added to our catalog on 09/09/2011.

Dragons defeated


Eons ago, the Blood Storm came to Telara, and no one could imagine ever slaying such vast and primal evil. Then rose the immortal Ascended, who slew both Greenscale and Akylios in a series of savage battles. Now, House Aelfwar and the Abyssal are frenzied with desperation, and the Ascended must race across Telara to collect fragments of the dragons’ power and devastate these leaderless cults.

When Greenscale and Akylios fell, their power dispersed across Telara. Where this planar energy congeals, a Dragon Mote is formed. If left untouched, the Mote will become a blight upon the land, mutating plants and beasts and driving men to madness. But a broken Dragon Mote leaks Dragon Tears, the pure elemental energy of the hideous gods. The cults would use this power to resurrect their masters, unless the Ascended can harvest the Tears first.